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Author Topic: Quackers Outdoor Marketing / Ideal1 Scam  (Read 2928 times)


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Quackers Outdoor Marketing / Ideal1 Scam
« on: November 16, 2015, 04:15:37 PM »
There is a 'company' called 'Webquackers Outdoor Marketing' that is perpetrating an advance-fee employment scam in the UK. The scam appears to have been in operation since June/July this year. Their website is www.webquackers.com, and it looks very convincing.

They find their targets in two ways:
1) By posting job adverts for a variety of positions, inc Advertising Sales Executives, Call Centre Agents, Cleaning Operatives, Customer Service Assistants, Delivery Drivers, Office Administrator Assistants, Marketing Services Manager, Receptionists, Sales Assistants, and Warehouse Operatives. (e.g. http://www.webquackers.com/online/Careers_F111.html, http://www.webquackers.com/online/Careers_F107.html, http://www.webquackers.com/online/Careers_F110.html)
2) By ringing people directly who have uploaded their CVs to job hunting websites.

They offer you a telephone interview, say they'll get back to you. They send you an email offering you a job, but ask you to get a DBS check (Discosure and Barring Service) before starting via the site Ideal1 (www.ideal1.co.uk). It costs £100, and once you've paid you never hear from them again.

I submit the following as evidence that the Quackers Outdoor Marketing (www.webquackers.com) site is fake:
1) They stole their website from the real New Zealand company 'iSite Media' (http://www.isitemedia.co.nz/).
2) They stole their name and rubber duck symbol from the real New Zealand company 'Webquacker' (http://www.webquacker.com.au/).

I submit the following as evidence that the Ideal1 (www.ideal1.co.uk) site is fake:
1) They stole their basic website structure from the real company 'HireRight' (http://www.hireright.com/).
2) They stole their logo design from sports channel 'bein sport 1'.
3) They stole written copy from the real companies 'Employment Screening Services' and 'Onfido'.

Finally, you can read the sad testimony of many people who have been stung by the scam, some in the last few days, at http://www.whocallsme.org/02380971150-1746046

Please ignore the current whois info for the domains. These details are false and are taken from dissolved companies.