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Author Topic: Mailinghelp.com  (Read 3002 times)


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« on: March 07, 2016, 07:56:27 PM »
It's legit. They want you to place post card sized flyers on community bulletin boards or on the Internet advertising "5100 companies hiring with no experience required" and "work at home" opportunities. "For more info send $4 and a SASE to "then give them your address". Most people will not want to provide their home address so you'll need to rent a PO Box. This should be your only expense except for making copies, your gas to drive around posting these on bulletin boards, etc. Once you get the $4 & SASE  (Self Address Stamped Envelope) simply keep the $4 & put one of their fliers in the envelope and drop it in the mail! Their flier asks the person to send them $25 for the listing of 5100 businesses that are hiring. So I'm thinking the person that sent to you the $4 might get pissed that they spent $4 for a flier asking them to now spend another $25, but it's legit, after all, the $4 was "for more info" which is what they are getting. The $25 is for "more more info". Slightly sleazy, but legal. This is why I'll be getting a po box. I dont want anyone showing up at my door demanding their $4 back! We'll see how successful it is/I am.

Tried posting this on main site but can't post there without a Facebook acct. apparently  :-\