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Title: Trade Car View Spam Scam
Post by: Katja on March 11, 2017, 04:44:49 AM
I have contacted about 5 or 6 times requesting information on a specific vehicle.  In the process I was required to give my email address which I willingly gave, knowing that I'd likely get some spam emails along with my requested info.  However I was NOT prepared to be getting upwards of 8 SPAM EMAILS A DAY regarding vehicles I was not interested in. 

In addition, this company did not send me even one legitimate answer to my questions.  NOT ONE. They hooked me in with a great sounding/looking vehicle with a good price, inviting the customer to negotiate the best price.  Then proceeded to spam me without giving a SINGLE detail on the vehicle I wanted info on.  Stay away from Trade Car View.  It doesn't seem as though they are a legitimate company at all.  I even advised them that if I did not get some real answers on the 5 vehicles I had requested info on within 24 hours, I would post this negative review on Scam Advisor.  What did I get?  Another 5 spam emails and no answers.