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Author Topic: Zity Biz  (Read 4257 times)


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Zity Biz
« on: February 14, 2014, 01:09:54 AM »
I am trying to find out any information regarding a person who was banned from Zity Biz named "Window Shopping"; UPDATE: I have just been informed she signed some of her letters with the name "Montana". I am also looking for any other information regarding "FBI Warning".  I have learned that you are from another county just outside of the Chicago area and had contact with someone most likely in the Niles area who used the Niles Library. By Zity Biz's own words, which I have documentation of, you were banned regarding your complaints of the contents in the Gallery, I do not know what those were though.

Please Montana, I am of a certain status and not like many of those women there; I will even show you copies of my posts to prove this --- I have saved everything! I just want to ask you a few questions.  Please just set up a new email account and email me. You and I have been in contact with the same people, but they will not give me your name!

Through my own tracking, I have learned you were a member of Zity in November of 2013, and had contact with the following members there: BigK (moderator), grace1, StephenS, and Ihac. I have also found some of your posts. I few of these links have been deleted since, nevertheless, luckily, copies of these pages have already been made.

I was recently banned (not unanimously) from Zity.Biz saying they had tracked my IP address you, accusing me of being you, and trying to gain access to the Gallery, even though Zity knew you were from another area at the time of these accusations towards me. I am from Glenview and my I.P. tracks me back to there. The Webmaster himself even mentioned something regarding an FBI Warning; I cannot get any information on this.

I have personally seen how Zity modifies posts to keep everything looking friendly from the outside, when it is anything but that once there.  Did you have those same experiences?

Please contact me at GeorgiaRay52@gmail.com if you happen to know anything about any of the above information, people, or have been a victim yourself of Zity.Biz. Many thanks.
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