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Author Topic: Please Check My Site PROPERLY  (Read 1196 times)

Eagles Over Ireland

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Please Check My Site PROPERLY
« on: January 17, 2015, 01:22:06 AM »
I'm the author of www.eagles-over-ireland.site50.net  you rate it 22%...WHY is beyond my understanding.

The site is a record of a B17 USAAF Bomber crash landing in Ireland on 15th January 1943.

You cannot purchase anything directly from the website...the site does not look for any financial details of Cards etc. A book may be purchased by contacting the author directly through an email and telephone.  This at least allows proper postal addresses to be exchanged etc.

The scamadviser rating appears amongst all the legit stuff if you Google the title Eagles Over Ireland.

In my view this is damaging to me and lazy on behalf of scamadvisor...at least check the site out.

I note you say ...the site was reported????  Why was this not checked out as being malicious (if indeed it was reported)??? My contact detail is on the website...easy to have checked instead of maligning the site as unsafe...easy to let me know and check me out.  I don't accept the excuse we check 1000s of sites you have a duty of care, this is what you do...in my view scamadviser are unsafe in the way they go about reporting :'(

Your disclaimer whereby you point out that the domain owner and the owner of the site may be different is in my view a cop out.  I would ask a few members of this forum to take a look and support my request for fair play.  Thanks in advance.

Author of the book and author of the website Paul Browne