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Author Topic: FREE 25$ QUESTION. LIST OF MOST RELIABLE WEBSITE.  (Read 2799 times)

Ck Med

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« on: June 07, 2017, 05:41:32 AM »
Hi guys, just discovered this wonderful tool that is Scamadviser.com you guys rock by the way!

I went trough some features of the website and I cant find what Im looking for and Im not sure if its possible. Im looking for a list of the most reliable websites/domains on a particular server.

So basically the opposite of what we can find right now if we go on Check Website section and enter a website URL. They give you which server the website come from, and a list of website with bad ratings on the same server with a rank from 0% to somewhere between 50-60%. (side question:where this data come from?")

But what if we want the most secure and reliable websites, those who score 100% or those who have the best reviews...

Is it something possible or not? If so, do you guys have any suggestions of tool that we can use to be sure to deal with the best website on those particular servers?

Any advice will be much appreciated.
Thank you so much for reading me down. Looking forward to connect with you.


PS: If someone find a complete solution to my problem, I promise to give 25$ bucks by paypal to that kind person.