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Author Topic: Fraud consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com sites  (Read 557 times)


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Fraud consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com sites
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:45:04 AM »
Fraud consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com

1.   consumercomplaints.in allow to publish invalid & unverification complaints because of commercial benefit.

If you prove complaint is invalid, at the time also they are not ready to remove the complaints.

2.   They post the complaints in the name of consumercomplaints.in

3.   They remove complaints in the name of Reputationsavers.com

Database Administrator only have rights to Add & Delete the content ,basic RDBMS concept, so consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com both are same concern .

But they try to cheat consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com both are different concern .

To delete the complaint they ask huge money from the related concern. 

They not display MAIL ID / PHONE NUMBER / ADDRESS / CONTACT DETAILS in both website.

Available one Toll Free number 

Publish the unverification complaints is crime ,so any person or concern affect through consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com you can take legal action through Cyber Crime & Court

consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com not pay tax properly, so you can raise the complaint in INCOME TAX department

Many concern affect from consumercomplaints.in & Reputationsavers.com ,here i share some links





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