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Post by: Swissmaid on May 16, 2014, 11:37:14 AM
I found,, on 5th May, Longchamp styling and apparantly based in France as I had been looking for a replacement for an old model which I couldn't find on the Longchamp's sites and deduced that they no longer made the item and were selling them off through at roughly 50% discount.  Before ordering a day later, I was slightly suspicious but because of the amount involved decided to order my favourite bag...  When I received the confirmation from giving a totally different website and advising that the debit would show with yet another, I became more suspicious however decided to "wait and see".  After a few days I received another mail giving me shipping details and when I checked them out I was surprised to see that the goods were arriving from China.  Longchamp do not manufacture in China...  Making another check within days of this mail, I discovered that it had disappeared and believe that it had an autodistruct mechanism - can find it no where.  This morning I discovered your site and wrote to asking for further shipping information.  All the site involved are posted on your site as risky...and are obviously linked.  So be aware of
and which actually doesnot exist as a site and shows this   Those bills are definitely gold for someone!
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Post by: Admin on May 17, 2014, 08:39:53 AM
Sorry to hear about that. Actually looking at the site if you scroll to the bottom there are some site seals..such as the mcafee  secure one. On a real/trusted site - you can click on these and they go to mcafee, however on this site you will notice they have just copied the image...which is often  a giveaway to them being fraudulent.

If you paid by Paypal - then raise a dispute now. If you paid by creditcard, call them and explain that you have been the subject of fraud and that you want to initiate a chargeback..

Good luck
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Post by: Swissmaid on June 03, 2014, 01:25:45 PM
Thanks for your advice about checking the validity of the cc signs.  The same day I wrote in the forum I had my card immediately cancelled and although the cc company suggested that I request a refund, considering that I had chosen not to use a Longchamp source (product not available) decided not to bother.  However I did inform Longchamp who informed me that is not an authorised source and that they seek to have these sites closed when they are selling counterfeit goods.  The "proof of the pudding" arrived after 22 days in transit from China (by camel?) and bore no resemblance to the item order and was pure plastic, bearing a Longchamp label and puller which are obviously bad copies and a label "Les Pliages Longchamp Type" Model Depose Made in France...which actually doesnot even resemble a "Pliage" model.  I have written to Longchamp with pictures of the bag, envelope etc. and hope that the site will be closed asap.  This site is top "toxic"!
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Post by: Swissmaid on June 07, 2014, 09:36:29 AM
This morning tried to go onto to see if the site still exists and an automatic warning that the site was not to be trusted came up - so perhaps the site still exists but at least people are warned.   :)