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Author Topic: iTEFl.org scam  (Read 5524 times)


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iTEFl.org scam
« on: December 21, 2015, 03:22:14 AM »
I purchased a 2013 iTEFL on line franchise.  The company promised a gaurenteed refund of the $20,000US purchasing fee  if in the first year $50,000 of sales were not reached. After six months I had a total of 3 sales at $750 per sale. On top of the initial outlay I paid $2000US per month for google advertising costs. I believe I was one of 20 franchises for that year.
I recieved a letter from the company in July 2013 saying the franchise had been an "unmitigated disaster" and the franchise would be ended and all outstanding monies refunded. In November of that year I recieved a letter from the companies lawyer saying that outstanding payment would be made in increments of $450 per month meaning that the full refund would not be reached until 2018. After that letter I recieved a total of 3 monthly payments. Then nothing !!!! After numerous promises to honour their commitment all correspodence from the company stopped.
The individual website all franchisees  were supposed to be getting did not exist they were all linked to the companies main website so in effect all advertising costs that the franchisees were paying for was going directly to the ITEFL site and they were taking the bookings and filling thier schools leaving the franchisees with a sale or two whilst trying to keep them interested by saying "things will pick up shortly" "hang in there" etc
After many requests to see receipts for the supposed google advertising the company never produced any evidence.
Every year since and still to this day they a selling the same business model to innocent buyers like me.