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Title: Scam pharmacy
Post by: Trustless on March 02, 2016, 07:40:20 PM
I placed an order for pain meds after I moved from where I was taken care of by a pain management doctor for 13 years.  I didnt have time to find another doctor and started withdrawals and was in incredible pain.  This pharmacy took 200 from my 800 a month disability income for suboxone that I ordered to help me get through the withdrawals, and then called the next day pretending to be a DEA agent telling me I had to pay 400 for a doctors prescription to NOT be arrested for buying the medication.  This Indian guy called me from a number from Destin, FL at 850 502 8371.  This was the exact same number they use as a contact number on the name of the website.  When I told him I was reporting him he called me a stupid bitch and hung up on me.  Of course the suboxone never came.