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Author Topic: www.offroadelements.com suspect fraud or fake online store  (Read 674 times)


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www.offroadelements.com suspect fraud or fake online store
« on: July 01, 2015, 08:38:34 PM »
anyone here who do business with this store?
the owner name is Eric, Im from addoffroad Indonesia is the one biggest offroad club at Indonesia, we do some business with this guy

First is my friends doni buy ARB Locker have make conversation with this guy and he told could ship to Indonesia, why we send to him email first just to make sure he could ship out to our location because not much online store can ship it.

Why www.offroadelements.com suspect as scam store?
because has been 2 weeks my friend try to contact him by CHAT online chat on him store but the 1st answer he say will ship it end of week from the date from the date of purchase, but he not answer chat for long time my friend wait and he just type still a waiting tracking number from he warehouse but is all bullshit so after 2 weeks my friend not get valid information then he told to me to try this store one more time

So I try to buy from him again, here is partially chat log from him

I have call you before bad connection or you close my call?

Eric M.: Yes - we had bad connection. I could not hear you

You have get info from your warehouse?


are you read this chat?

Eric M.: Yes - one moment please

okay what now?

Eric M.: I just heard back that your location in Indonesia we cannot ship to

yes so what is status of my payment?

Eric M.: I need to refund this order unfortunately

I am sorry for the inconvenience

could you refund using WU? because for this order I get monthly limit for my card

that why I try to contact you after 1 week order

you can't ship only which or for all item?

WU is western union

Eric M.: I can only refund the credit card that was used, I am sorry

yes but I'll could use my card 1 month

I think Indonesia listed on your order form you could ship

*I'll can't use my card 1 month

I have sister at california on tarzana

maybe you could ship there?

or refund to her by WU please this because I need to running cashflow for 21 days

are you there?

Eric M.: I need to refund the credit card only. I am sorry

I told you I have sister on Tarzana California

if you problem just Indonesia you could ship out to my sister

and let her ship it to me

I waste my time and money with this order

Eric M.: I cannot ship to her

do you have physical store?


what is the problem now?

or you try to cheat me with this

what is your reason you couldn't ship to her?

and no answare again

Eric M.: I cannot ship to an address not listed on the order. I have cancelled the order. I am sorry for the inconvenience

give me refund code to know you refund my money or not

you really can not be trusted

what you say before inversely and continues invalid

Eric M.: We have done our best to ship this to you - but unfortunately I have found out the area in Indonesia you are in we are unable to ship to;

Your refund confirmation number is 49157R, in the amount of $1,719.99

but you say is ready to ship and just wait you shipper to email you

from him chat Im really sure if he a scammer, because I have give him options regarding thats problem because I have sister live at Tarzana CA, and As you look on chat he always have reason like Very unprofessional Scammer  ;D

and I'll take this case to my sister so she can handle this case at there

and I need admin and moderator at here to verify this guy too if you think im make bullshit post