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Author Topic: www.longflourishrc.com China RC iunable to collect WU and MG so don't send BTC  (Read 111 times)


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www.longflourishrc.com appears to be a SCAM. I was fooled by their professional-looking site and yes they mirror the prices and 5-gram minimum order of lsresearchchems.com, so they do appear to be a sister site that offers the plus of GCMS plots for everything they sell.

But they offer MG as a payment option and then MG mysteriously canceled the money transfer to their receiver onlly when that person appeared to collect the RMB. MG is giving me a full refund to my bank account including their fees.

But i was so caught up in doing this that they gave me a different receiver for WU which I sent money from agent in person and that money ALSO was available for pickup. So then it's available for pickup and nobody has even TRIED to collect it from WU and longflourishrc lies and tells me that the WU money transfer was denied and that they think I'm being blocked in China. But that's absurd. And then they tell me again to please send them cryptocurrency, BTC, LTC, and another one they would accept. So i may be a fool but I'm not stupid.

If they say they take MG and MG won't give them money and then they don't even TRY to pick up USD from WU in yes Greenbacks, then this is a SCAM.