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Author Topic: www.greeninvestordigest.com aka 'Your Dream Dresses'  (Read 124 times)


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www.greeninvestordigest.com aka 'Your Dream Dresses'
« on: January 10, 2017, 12:48:39 PM »
A heads up to anyone who has looked at potentially buying anything from this website www.greeninvestordigest.com ... DON'T

I placed an order through them on the 01/11/2016 for a dress to arrive for a Christmas party. I paid £79.82.

When I did not receive an email confirming my order I chased up, I was told it was on its way.... it did arrive, late. When I opened my parcel, I was extremely disappointed to find it was the wrong dress! not only was it the wrong dress, but one priced at £25.71.

I contacted them to inform them of their error and said I wanted to return the wrong dress they sent and that I would like a full refund, they told me it would not be worth sending the wrong dress back to them as it would cost me too much, then offered a refund of $15 and to keep this wrong dress they sent (which I would never wear anyway).

It has been several months of me sending several emails to them but their only reply when they chose to acknowledge my emails they is just them saying they will give me a satisfied answer on my order as soon as possible... this has been their reply for 2 months now..

Please please please, future buyers, do not make the mistake I made and purchase from this company!! They are basically committing fraud advertising items they do not supply.