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« on: April 17, 2014, 11:43:42 AM »
Hi there,
I have found myself in the unfortunate situation where we have be defrauded out of a lot of money (for us) for a vintage Rolex watch. I would love to hear any advice that you may have or results from similar situations.

The situation arose when my wife tried to but me a vintage watch from my birth year.

Bless my wife she has saved up for almost a year, and asked me a few questions about how I would go about buying a vintage piece, and if there were any that I liked. After looking at various threads on who were trusted sellers on this forum, and a few others I came to a short list. One of which was NB Times (nbtimes.co). To be double sure my wife contacted NB Times through Chrono 24 (a watch market place - like ebay for watches only) where NBTimes is rated as a trusted 'pro' seller.

My wife contacted 'Ben' (site owner) through the contact seller link on Chrono 24. An email conversation began which looked authentic, a deal was done for the watch in question, a 1977 Rolex Submariner 1680 - still for sale mind you on the nbtimes.co website for $7500. (http://www.nbtimes.co/portfolio/role...submariner-77/)

My wife transferred a substantial amount of money to the bank account listed, and heard nothing further... The contact she had was 23/3/14.

After a week passed, and my wife was told the watch was in the post, we tried to look up the nbtimes.co website and it was down. We started to worry now, and my wife let me in on the kind gift she was trying to buy me and how it may have gone wrong.

Finally the nbtimes website was back online and we contacted Ben through his nbtimes.co website and he told us that he would call the police on us and he had never heard of us... We were starting to feel sick about the whole situation now.

My wife called Chrono 24 and spoke to a man named Fabio who was very rude on the phone and at first took no responsibility for any of the transaction. My wife persisted with emailing Fabio constantly and he eventually began to understand our situation. Through an email dialogue he confessed to us that nbtimes had their account hacked and that they had now cancelled the account with nbtimes - although I notice that nbtimes watches are still on their website. Fabio suggested we contact nbtimes to being talking about how to rectify the situation.

Problem with this is that Ben at NBTimes has refused to reply to any of our emails after the first one. Their actions are appalling - they are hoping that we will give up and go away by ignoring us.

We have obviously been in contact with the bank who are investigating the bank transfer. But I am about to be forced to launch fraud investigation into these two companies - and I warn any of you who my think about this that they are unsafe and take no responsibility for anything that goes wrong - even when they are at fault.

Has anyone out there been through a similar situation and can recommend a path of action? Any legal representation which may be able to call NB Times and Chrono 24 accountable....? Anyone out there who could help personally?

It seems that nbtimes must hold some responsibility as it was the security on their website/email that was hacked which allowed this fraud to take place. For all we know he may have scammed us out of the money himself? If you claim to offer a safe place to do business and cannot uphold that them you are responsible. We tried to buy a watch through as safe a route as you possibly can when buying a vintage watch over the internet - yet Chrono 24 and nbtimes refuse to take any responsibility for being unable to protect the method of sales they encourage.

If anyone can recommend a course of action that would be great.

It is hard enough worrying about fakes and scams, let alone being taken advantage of by a trusted watch market in Chrono24 and a watch dealer that gets a good rating on this site in nbtimes.

I am happy to publish all correspondence with Chrono24, and nbtimes backing up this message if there is any doubt.

I ask for your help and advice.

Thanks in advance, Ben.


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« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2014, 03:47:51 PM »
that sounds terrible. Do you have the bank account details you sent the payment to.. perhaps listing it here will warn others not to do the same ?

Have you contacted your bank ?

 .. was the fraud with nbtimes.co or chrono24 ?


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« Reply #2 on: April 18, 2014, 08:41:52 AM »
Thank you, its been emotionally and financially a pretty bad time.

We have reported the scam to our bank, the bank that the money was transferred (Barclays), scam watch.gov.au (which is a branch of a govt run organisation here in Australia), the FBI, and I am about to report to interpol on the advice from some users of a watch forum.

As NB Times refuse to reply to any of our efforts to contact them, I cannot be certain it was not them, but I think the most likely scenario was that NB Times were hacked and our first contact with them intercepted and the scammers presented to be NB Times. All the emails from NB Times during the transaction looked official, and had signatures etc so we had no way of knowing.

I did receive a call from the CEO of Chrono 24 last night, which was very decent of him, but so far they have offered no compensation. Chrono 24 did admit that they think NB Times were hacked, and they are trying to contact NB Times for me.

Once we realised what was going on we went straight to the NB Times website but it was down at the time - when we first started to worry. So Ben from NB Times clearly knew he was being hacked, or was hacked so badly they took his website down. Either way he should have informed all the sites that he had his watches advertised on and withdrawn them so this could not have happened.

So this could have been prevented, but since then NB Times have been disgraceful to deal with trying to ignore us into leaving them alone.

If you want to do business online you must be able to provide a secure place to do this, or at least protect your customers - or potential customers - when your security is compromised.

Unfortunately we had no way of knowing the fraud was happening as we contacted Ben through a link on the Chrono 24 website. The email responses came back from 'Ben' so all looked legit.

At the moment I am waiting to hear back from Chrono 24 and will then know which way to move forward.

I will wait to hear back from Barclays as to whether the bank account was also hacked or a false account before listing it here.

But be warned about NB Times, but also if you are buying anything valuable over the internet get the seller to send you a picture with the item and a word or code you provide so you know it is recent. And try and use paypal or another secondary funds transfer method.

Thanks for your concern and I will keep you posted.

I tried to leave a comment on this site when you search for NB Times but can only do so through Facebook. I would like other to be warned of this if they also search.