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Author Topic: Ojooo is a good SCAM  (Read 2312 times)


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Ojooo is a good SCAM
« on: January 16, 2014, 02:37:29 AM »
Ojooo is SCAM.
- About Rented Referrals:
You pay $39.00 to become Premeum++, rent 200 Rented Referrals for $40.00 .Total you pay $79.00
Ojooo use auto click for Rented Referrals, one day RR click one or two ads not more and you try to click 20 ads, so 1 day you can earn $2.00
You pay $79.00, spend time to click 20 ads and you earn about $60.00 / month
You lost $19.00
- Cash out funds:
When request cash out funds, after waiting 1 week they send an email to announce that they have paid, but no money in paypal account(you no right to request cash out again)
After trying click ads and request again, they say your account has been suspended.

You lost money, waste time
Any way Ojooo is a good SCAM