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Author Topic: mychoicecorporate.com SCAM  (Read 148 times)


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mychoicecorporate.com SCAM
« on: April 23, 2018, 09:47:47 PM »

I post this story on behalf of a friend (Maria Faur) who got scammed of 1299 euro by mychoicecorporate.com.

Here is her story:

She deposit her economies in the spectrocoin wallet. She start to play 212trading on her iphone and won appxox 2000 by trading with Bitcoin in it's best period.
mychoicecorporate.com blocked all credit cards from Spectrocoin wallet to every customer in a single day.
She received an email telling her to fill up a form so she can have the funds back . She filled not a form but 3 without success.
She send so many tickets and emails as she never received the money back .
The funds has been stolen by mychoicecorporate.com in November 2017..
The only answers she received are:

We apologize for the delay in this response and the inconvenience caused.

Kindly request you to complete the attached form. So that the bank will be able to unload the card.

Please make sure all information is correct and use Spectro Finance as the prefunding account.

Best Regards,

So Maria sent the form and then ticket has been closed and she got the confirmation from the mychoicecorporate.com the problem has been fixed, ticket has been closed,

She wait another 1 month and start sending 10-20 emails per day and then mychoicecorporate.com / spectrocoin asked for the provenience of the funds. 212Trading provided all statements and transactions history so she sent them to Spectrocoin, then Ingrid said she forwarded to teh right team and they will release the funds but they never did it and no answers again for a month.
Now , 23.04.2018 an answer came from mychoicecorporate.com:
They need an iban and a selfie with a passport in hand. The lady from mychoicecorporate.com maybe was working on livejasmine.com videochat , i have no idea. We want to see a selfie from that lady with the 1299 euro in hand but we probably dont

Be carefully when you choice where you hold your money !!!