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Author Topic: Indiegogo scam Jay Adams  (Read 1266 times)


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Indiegogo scam Jay Adams
« on: July 23, 2015, 04:29:04 PM »
Person contacts people via indiegogo and asks to promote campaign. Then sends links to prove that he has done that kind of business in the past successfully. Promises 160$ when 1.5% commission from funding goes to him. Other option is 280$ without any commission to him. Promises fast delivery, within 3 days.

When 3 days are past due he do not reply to e-mail nor has anything happened within your campaign that had been promised.

Possibly using the money while he can and then moves on to another PayPal account. Therefore he may be changing e-mail address quite often. Or request money from another e-mail address.

"Jay adams
Want to promote your campaign higher in indieGoGo and raise more money ?
Right now you’ve got 12 Facebook shares on your campaign , So I’ll offer you the following package:
• 12,000 Facebook shares to your campaign page on indieGoGo
• 15,000 Views to your campaign page from around the world
• 5,000 Tweets of your campaign page
For $160
Raise more than 70% or get your money back.
Payment with PayPal : jayadamspre@gmail.com
Fast results
Jay Adams Social Media Manager"

Person uses currently in PayPal account igogomedia@gmail.com to receive funds.
Responds to disputes with reply "download complete" to tracking number field.