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Author Topic: Gi2c China Internship Is A Believable Scam - Watch Out!  (Read 1029 times)


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Gi2c China Internship Is A Believable Scam - Watch Out!
« on: May 23, 2015, 08:49:20 AM »
This is the most believable scam I have ever come across and if not for former customer Winnie Maliko and others who posted complaints and two former employee who fessed up at the links below, I would still believe their BS today!

They sell career dreams based on China internships. They target fresh college graduates and offer them jobs over the phone (never in writing) with big companies like General Electric or Kraft Foods - in China. The jobs supposedly pay $50,000 to start.  This first call comes from a call center in Pakistan but they say they are calling from "London". Before they offer you the job they ask for your resume and the set up a fake interview witj someone you think works for the huge company.

After the interview you get a call a few days later saying you are perfect for the job but they want you to do a 90 day internship with the company to evaluate your skill sets and to see if you are "reliable and competent".  Sounds normal yes?

So when you agree to do this, they say they subcontract a Beijing company called Gi2C who will call to make the arrangements. That's when you find out you have to pay a $300 processing fee!  After you do that, you are told that when they tell you the total placement fee is $3,699.  If you refuse they keep dropping the price but $999 is as low as they go, and they will not give you back your $300!

Then they put the pressure on by saying if payment is not received then you will go on the waiting list because 9 people said they want this opening.  They are very smooth and convincing. They use a lot of fake testimonials and review sites and all these links talk about the tricks they use. Don't believe these people - they are professional thieves.