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Author Topic: FRAUD SCAM : www.karensa-hospitalcenter.eu and http://www.iclear-europa.eu  (Read 87 times)


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Hello ,
There is a person who pretend to be in Finland this time, selling a Jaguar on Autoscout24 and he pretend to be a doctor. His fake clinic is http://www.karensa-hospitalcenter.eu/ . He asked me to agree to use an escrow transport company : http://www.iclear-europa.eu . This fake escrow has been used so many times with with diferent domain names. I am not allowed to come and see that Vehicle. The iClear Escrow asked me to pay 30% deposit from the price to their account which is opened to UK, not Finland., and have a personal and Not business name. Don't fall in this scam and don't use this escrow fake company !
The scammer  is :
Dr. Kuun Rakani Karensa - CEO & OWNER
Karensa Hospital Center - Medical Clinic
Website: „www.karensa-hospitalcenter.eu“