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Author Topic: classicfootballsale.com sell fakes  (Read 4927 times)


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classicfootballsale.com sell fakes
« on: January 04, 2017, 02:59:07 AM »
Just wanted to get it out there that the website 'classicfootballsale.com' who purport to be a UK-based company selling genuine Nike football boots are, in fact, based in China and selling fakes. My son bought a pair having had assurances of the boots validity and was immediately suspicious when, having paid for them, it became clear that they were being posted from China as opposed to the UK as he'd been led to believe up to that point. When they eventually arrived after far longer than the time stated on the website they didn't feel at all right and when he took them to Nike Town in central London somebody confirmed this.

I had communication with person in charge of operations in China but this amounted to a series of very brief, pseudo-polite messages that purported to be helpful and understanding but were clearly just intended to gradually grind me down into giving up by never really resolving anything. Eventually he agreed in writing to refund the money in full but, as I predicted would happen, time elapsed and no money was ever forthcoming.

So avoid 'footballsale.com' as they are a complete con set-up who will steal your money. What surprises me is that such a big, hugely wealthy organisation like Nike hasn't filled the internet with information warning people against buying from 'footballsale.com' and their like. Surely it is not at all in their interests to have companies such as these selling fake Nike boots? What efforts are Nike making to reliably inform potential Nike buyers and to stop people such as 'footballsale.com' from operating and scamming buyers such as my son? A Google search on the domain name only appears to throw up a warning to be cautious from this site. So I am adding to that warning by just saying don't even think about using them.