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Author Topic: ebikedeal.com  (Read 1024 times)


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« on: December 16, 2014, 06:28:54 PM »
Max Kogan at ebikedeal.com must have too many 24" thumb throttle Crystalyte HS-3540 kits, cause even if you order the 26" kit with twist throttle, you will get the 24" kit with thumb throttle.  He then expects you to pay the return shipping, before issuing you a refund, and even if you use Paypal (which he tries hard to talk you out of), Paypal will not protect you from the shipping charge, even though you were sent something you didn't order.  He tries to save the sale by saying that he'll send you the correct rim, along with a little discount, to cover the costs of having to get it fixed.  He's clearly making money from shipping people the wrong items, then trying to trap them further into whatever else he's got up his sleeve, I'm not looking to find out.

EDIT - Get your Crystalyte kit from ebike.ca instead.  They cost more, but might be worth it!  They're telling me that the reason ebikedeal is scamming people with the 24" rim is because he doesn't have a heat sensor installed in his motors (requires different cycle analyzer), so the 26" rim tends to overheat a lot.  Anyhow, everything written above is speculation from what I've experienced attempting to purchase a kit.  I've yet to actually try a kit. 

EDIT EDIT -  I just remembered a time when I bought a 16" bike on ebay that turned out to be 17", in which Paypal had tried to make me pay the return shipping.  They did eventually pay.  I did just notice that (according to their buyer protection policy) they wouldn't had protected my purchase if I had bought his entire ebike (no motorized vehicles, of any kind, are protected).
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