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Author Topic: Adecco, Payment HUB , B2CmarketingTech  (Read 1353 times)


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Adecco, Payment HUB , B2CmarketingTech
« on: October 25, 2016, 10:44:10 AM »
I am the victim of cyber crime. I'm looking for a long time
> for work, especially on the portal UNWORK. I do translation
> from English to Polish and from Russian to English. I got an
> email from "representative"  that the ADECCO
> company from Switzerland hired me to do the translation for
> you. They wrote in an e-mail all about the company the web
> addresses. They send also the samples of the articles, which
> I will translate. They said that I have to buy some programs
> to speed my work and they will send the money for it. Now
> comes the part in which they use your name and extort money
> from me. They said that sending the money via Paypal will
> take 10 days that better I register myself on "PAYMENT HUB"
> and they will send the money right the way there. I
> registered myself on 'PAYMENT HUB"  They money came 220
> dollars and I wanted to make the transfer to my bank
> account.The "PAYMENT HUB" showed that transfer is under
> processing and instead of waiting for the money, to speed up
> the process of working for ADECCO I draw the money from my
> account to pay for the programs. The company name was
> B2CmarketingTech. The side showed the programs, but the
> payment for programs should be sent through the Western
> Union to BANGLADESH. This was for me first alarm bell . I
> wrote to  "REPRESENTATIVE" the serious company like you
> using some programs from Bangladesh. I got an e-mail that
> everything is ok. I was STUPED. I should stop it but the
> prospect to work for you quieter the alarm bells and I send
> the money to Bangladesh. There was a delay with money
> transfer, the deposit for programs also did not shows up
> only I got SMS that the money was drowned from the Western
> Union. Now all web pages disappeared. They guy finally wrote
> me an e-mail that they just borrow money from me and they'll
> give me back after one month.
> I think they going to use this company again to extort the
> money from other unemployed people like me