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Site Feedback / Issues / Feature Requests / Who's Scamming Whom?
« Last post by mrussellgab on June 23, 2017, 03:50:57 PM »
Is scamadviser a scam?

1. There is no way from your website to contact you. Fishy.
2. To post a comment to a scam rating, there is only one way to register. Fishy.
3. It seems that all you did to check whether phonlab.net is a scam is check the whois data fpr their website. Fishy. And lazy.
Mark Who Hates Fishing
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Hi guys, just discovered this wonderful tool that is Scamadviser.com you guys rock by the way!

I went trough some features of the website and I cant find what Im looking for and Im not sure if its possible. Im looking for a list of the most reliable websites/domains on a particular server.

So basically the opposite of what we can find right now if we go on Check Website section and enter a website URL. They give you which server the website come from, and a list of website with bad ratings on the same server with a rank from 0% to somewhere between 50-60%. (side question:where this data come from?")

But what if we want the most secure and reliable websites, those who score 100% or those who have the best reviews...

Is it something possible or not? If so, do you guys have any suggestions of tool that we can use to be sure to deal with the best website on those particular servers?

Any advice will be much appreciated.
Thank you so much for reading me down. Looking forward to connect with you.


PS: If someone find a complete solution to my problem, I promise to give 25$ bucks by paypal to that kind person.   

One of mine friend registered one domain (bitconetwork.com) and paid for Privacy/ID protection. But scamadviser.com is showing all details of our client. Can you please remove the details from your website/database? Because our client is getting unwanted calls cause of you (scamadviser.com).
they advertise themselves on indeed and workopolis to look legit. avoid. Report and expose them
learning bridge global network is a scam. The person who moderates it identifies as Monica Farrell, number 506-300-3421. The website is simple has no information about developers or personnel. Location of the business is a field in New Brunswick and they try to cunningly recruit you saying it takes time for HR to check your history. They don't call references, they give you assignments like presentations and finding hostels, then they will send you money over e-interac and say deposit in your account and take some for gas and lunch. Then take the money out and put it in bitcoin. DO NOT DO ENTERTAIN THEM. They will change their website soon and keep using the same front. Number in email also includes 506 300 0943 which is linked to a scam on the internet. They will say that you can work from home and they're building a location in your city, FALSE. They use telegram messenger and ask for your bank info. Ormsport consulting group is also a scam. Anything that offers to pay you for working from home, has no interview and offers big money is fake.
Site Feedback / Issues / Feature Requests / itsakhandboken.se
« Last post by Sandrew79 on May 31, 2017, 12:52:28 PM »
This is a fake side! They charge the wrong price and no answer of the mail sent to customersupport. Although they actually send you a par of shoes (!) but not the one that you orderd, some completely different (plastic and ugly, went directly into the trash!)
Chat / Re: training company
« Last post by cncmachiningparts on May 27, 2017, 02:58:24 AM »
Thant website is disgusting.

Fraud !

Site Feedback / Issues / Feature Requests / Re: leafblowervacs.co.uk
« Last post by cncmachiningparts on May 27, 2017, 02:55:28 AM »
This website looks like a UK company?

Or this must be a fraud.

Hopefully no more cheated things happen.
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