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Bank and Paypal Help / InPay Complaint OneMedStore
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:01:26 AM »

Has anyone else had problems with wire transfers supposedly "failing to credit" at InPay, or the folks at InPay "just can't find the payment"?  (Re: http://www.inpay.com/)  My problem is not so much with OneMedStore as with InPay.   The worst of it is, InPay has absolutely no way for direct human contact, no phone, or FAX, or Email.  I paid OneMedStore, via InPay, 7-days ago, by Wire Transfer on 16-June.  My Wire Transfer went from HSBC-Hong Kong to InPay's Kasikorn Bank in Thailand.  I live here in Bangkok.  I've called the branch manager at Kasikorn, who I know, and Kasikorn says that my payment was received.  If the InPay folks would simply logon to their Kasikorn online bank account, they would see the credit.  What experience do others have with InPay? 

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