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Tickets / Be Cautious of www.lowpricedeals4u.com!!!
« on: April 30, 2014, 10:23:00 AM »
I am the Director of OUTPOST SHOPPING LTD. we are based in the UK, We have used this website to save our REAR END almost every day whilst sourcing genuine local & international suppliers, THANKS SCAM ADVISER!

Something to consider, I have tried phoning the main land line number of this website & it says its not in use any more  ::)
so I tried calling the mobile phone number this morning with regards making B2B sales offer to supply Games Consoles like PS4 & XBOX ONE, but it rang & rang then went to T-Mobile answerphone, I tried a few times & the 4-5th time it only rang out a 3 times & said call forwarding to answerphone.

So I think that's dodgy to put it mildly.

I mean my company is new & we only have catalogues & a couple of mobile phones, but hell we always answer the phone from 7am-6pm 7 days a week for trade callers & customers.

Not saying its fraudulent! Just be careful with this one. http://lowpricedeals4u.com

(Before I post this I just tried the number again & the phone seems switched off???)

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