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« on: January 06, 2016, 10:46:13 PM »
I put my resume on Career Builder and these two companies, which are the same, contacted me. I went with Sunlight Printing because I was unaware at first that they were one and the same and worked for the "21 Day Probationary Period as a Junior Packing Assistant". Although I took careful records of the "gift wrapping" and forwarding products on day 20, which was the day before I was to receive payment of $1390 plus $700 (the $700 is $50 per package mailed), I was denied access. Emailing the "supervisor" and calling the fake number and speaking to someone with an electronic voice did nothing because all of the sudden I was cut off and my number was blocked. How do I know this you may ask. Well...I called from my fiance's phone and it rang quite nicely. When someone answered yet again, I told them who I was and asked why my phone was blocked and when I would receive my payment and I was cut off once again and that number is blocked. Please beware and spread the word.

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