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I had to contact kaspersky tech support as my antivirus was rendered useless for some reason. After contacting who I thought was kaspersky somehow they determined the only way to fix the issues on my computer that caused the failure of my antivirus was to have their partner company GlobeInstal fix it. There is some hard sell and scare tactics all trying to say they are working for kaspersky. So after thinking ok just fix the issues so i can get my antivirus going again. They fixed all my issues for fee 300 dollars 6 month guarantee Without thinking and by now trusted this globeinstal (as a kaspersky partner) they phoned 6 months later the viruses are back. More work and lifetime guarantee of computer cleanups 1100 hundred dollars . Only after I paid things started happening on my computer When I contacted kaspersky they never heard of this company before.I therefore cancelled my credit card . Now this Globeinstal is claiming that imposters are using their good name to get on my computer. Even if Globeinstal is legit does not explain how they took over my kaspersky antivirus issue. They just keep saying I phoned them which i did not also globe instal was on my call display 6 months just after guarantee finished. This is a real mixed up affair up to recently trusted this outfit. I have no longer dealing with thses people or kaspersky and starting out fresh with no issues. Still didnot find out who or why the antivirus was destroyed.

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