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Chat / Is buybulkkratom.us a scam
« on: January 18, 2017, 02:37:34 AM »
  Hi I had to reply to a post about buybulkkratom.us if they were legit or just another scam site.
  They are VERY legit. I've
ordered twice from this company and am very satisfied with the products I purchased.
   On my last order, I had 2nd day air delivery but didnt get it when I should have. So I sent an email to the company letting them know how disgruntled I was. A guy named Dan sent a reply within 15 min, told me he was very sorry that the warehouse must have screwed my order up. I asked for the delivery fee back and thats all I wanted. He said he would send a free kilo the very next day which I thought was impressive. But after going over my receipt, I realized I screwed up and ordered Wed night, it didn't get shipped out until 5:30 the next day, which meant Sat should have been when I would have gotten it. UPS doesn't run 2nd day air on weekends.
   Long story short, I texted Dan and told him my mistake, not to worry about the 'freebie' but thanks just the same and because of his very fine gesture I would be a lifetimer from here on. The products aroma is mild and potent, not bitter as some strains are. And it weighed a little more.
   That's how I Iike doing business. I am very satisfied and as far as rating goes, it's 5 BIG STARS from me!   

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