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Report a Scam / uantoon.com/ ripped me off
« on: June 06, 2014, 07:22:23 PM »
uantoon.com ripped me off!

I Exchanged many emails with:
Bently Zhan

I sent them $250 for a couple of ipads. I thought it was a good deal.
I paid them via Western Union. which has no recourse

Mr. Zhan sent out a fake DHL tracking number that showed no info on DHL tracking then sent me this. email

we send your goods out and just now we have check with agent, they said the package was detain at the custom.
Due to the shenzhen custom restrictly checking for the month , all package been opened and checked one by one
Finally they found that the brand products in the package, they require you pay $75  as  tax, (that's 30% tax for your items)
without tax they won’t release the package, hope your understanding please arrange $75  within 36hours,then we can talk with custom guy and go ahead the shipping, otherwise the items will be confisticated forever, thank you
Our western union acount as below,thank you for your understaing.

Of course I Sent them noting more. Frickin Scam Artist!
Be warned and don't fall for the low prices that they claim.

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