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Report a Scam / http://www.zhongkechem.com/
« on: May 23, 2018, 08:53:23 PM »
I placed an order with http://www.zhongkechem.com/ after having talked to them for about 3 weeks on what to order. They helped pick through pro0ductsand escorted me through the spayment  process. I placed the order everything was fine.
a few days later I gfet ean email back stating that they could not pass through customs at the momenrt and that I was goin g to have to wait until customs had their guard down which could take a week or 2.
I have contacted the shigh er up about a this problem and he told me he was familiar with the order and that they would process it imme3aditatly. I have never received the order I placed and they xdont anwswer their emails I send to them. Do not buy anything from this website they are a bunch of liars and cheats. if your into research chemicalsdo not purchase anything from this site.

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