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Tickets / Do NOT use hotfootballtickets.com
« on: April 15, 2014, 01:49:33 AM »
They are not to be trusted. I booked tickets for the FA Cup final and got a confirmation number - so I then booked (non refundable) flights from USA to UK - then the next day they emailed and said those prices were not available anymore and had gone up 5 x more expensive - what am I to do now I have booked $4,000 of flights to go to the game with my son? They are not to be trusted. I told them how I felt but they do not care - I guess they want 1 x customers instead of repeat customers - do not take the risk - go to the Londonticketagency instead - they were great - and cheaper. Hotfooballtickets.com are rip off merchants.

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