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Help and Advice / TraderstFX is a fraud company.
« on: May 01, 2017, 11:59:18 AM »
TraderstFX is a fraud company engaged in the business of looting money from the clients. The following are the sequence of events how I was robbed of what I invested with them:

I got calls from them in January 2017, requesting investments to be made for which I am to get handsome returns. Initially I invested INR 71,000/- as per their minimum investment plan. Later they continuously requested me over phone to open a premium account with a committed monthly return on investment of approx. INR 1,00,000/-. I invested INR 2,84,000/- in February 2017.

In later part of February, they returned INR 1,12,000/- as profit. However, from the next day of their remittance, they started requesting me to support my account with more fund as margin money for trading. I invested IBR 71,000/- as per their requirement. In March, they called to inform me that they incurred losses in trading in my account and wanted more fund to tide over the crisis. They assured me to remit the committed profit on monthly basis if I support my account with more fund. They asked me to provide monetary support of INR 1,05,000/-. On their insistence, I once again invested INR 1,05,000/- and informed them that further support from me would be available only when I get back what I've invested so far which they agreed.  After one week, they called me again to increase margin money otherwise my account would suffer losses. I reminded them of what I told them earlier that support from me would be available if I get back whatever I invested so far. The next day they showed my account with zero balance and informed that they lost the entire amount through trading in my account. This way they cheated me INR 5,31,000/-. They are neither responding to my mail / whatsapp messages nor picking up my phone calls.

Never trust these bunch of cheaters.

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