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Ripped off by man using this number.  He stole $175.00 from me, and now won't answer his phone or his e-mail which is calimedsltd@gmail.com.  Answering service announces his name as "Travis Lopez", but with his thick Indian accent, I don't think this is his real name.  Please don't fall for this scammer!  He will promise product, take your money, then never get back to you again.  If you need meds, look through Drug Buyer's Forum for reputable vendors.  Best of luck to everyone else.  Leigh Anne.

Email Scams / Do not use calimedsltd@gmail.com
« on: November 06, 2015, 07:59:29 PM »
Was promised products, sent money Western Union, then company says I have to send another couple hundred dollars--my order was too small.  Asked for refund, was promised I would be reimbursed $175.00 total, and now no one will respond to my text, phone calls, or e-mails.  All that money down the drain.  Please don't fall into the same trap I did--I hope I keep someone from making the same mistake.  If you want genuine medications and real vendors, go on Drug Buyer's Forum and use their approved sellers.  I got cheated over and over using sites I found on IndiaMART--all meds were fake, or my money was taken and no package sent.  Only reason I used vendor not listed as legitimate on DBF, was b/c none of the carriers supplied the particular diet pill I was looking to purchase.  Same thing happened to me when I used "The Oriental Pharmacy"--took my money, then demanded more or no ship.  Anyone have any advice?  Western Union can't help, bank can't help, if I file police report I could possibly get in trouble ordering meds online, so I think I'm screwed...

Report a Scam / Scammed by Cali Meds LTD
« on: November 06, 2015, 07:39:33 PM »
I sent $155.00 Western Union to purchase a dietary supplement that is very hard to find, but is very helpful in losing weight.  This was for a 2 month supply, and included 2 day shipping, so I thought it was a good deal.  I got deluged with texts, e-mails, & phone calls assuring me that med was genuine, I would also get some freebies, & that they guaranteed their products.  After money was picked up, I got a call that my order was too small to be shipped, that I needed to increase a couple hundred dollars worth.  Of course, I refused, and company told me they would reimburse me the $155 plus the $20 WU fee.  That was several days ago, and no one will answer the phone number I have, no response to texts, and e-mails all ignored.  Complained to bank of fraud, but b/c I sent $ to WU directly, WU becomes third party and they cannot do anything.  Cannot believe I got scammed like this, a disabled woman on a fixed income.  I reverse searched the phone number, & it came from Los Angeles, CA.  Money was picked up in Washington, DC.  When I call the number I have, answering service announces that you have reached "Travis Lopez"--he has an Indian accent, so that's probably a fake name.  I am trying to find out where he lives & any other info I can get on him--paid $4.95 for internet search & waiting for results.  Have blown up his phone and e-mail with nasty messages.  Will continue to harass unless he returns my money.  His e-mail was calimedltd@gmail.com, so if you are considering transaction with this man, forget it--he is a thief.  I have also reported him to Drug Buyer's Forum--I normally only use vendors approved by that site as providing genuine medication and actually filling orders, but no one on there had this particular med available.  I feel like such a fool.  Anyone with advice, please let me know.  I don't know what else to do except blow up the internet with the info that he will steal your money.  Needed to vent, thanks for listening.  Leigh Anne.

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