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Author Topic: zincron technology fake company | zincron bulksms fraud company do not deal with  (Read 1420 times)


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Dear All
Please do not deal with ZIN CRON ,  zincron technology resources pvt ltd . HE is a no one fraud and fake company.  He  cheat with so many people . So please before you buying any sms or any deal please check in google . “zincron scam” or “zincron complain” there so many complain about Zincron technology and easyhops.co.in
 one more think he is also dealing with one another domain that one is http://easyhops.co.in/services easyhops.co.in  also be careful this website. He is a big spammer and fraud company in bulk sms service provider.  That’s why he is playing cheat game some time different website . so please all be careful form this website easyhop.co.in.   So please be careful he is doing cheat with different name alos.  Please check this visit http://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/smpp.zincron.co.in  open this site and click Owner. Then you know how fraud and spammer company zincron.
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When I buy bulk sms services as a reseller I was check in gov website this is the url please visit. and find ZINCRON there He listed in govment website.
So I was thinking about this company it is really good . But you can’t believe he is total fake and cheater company. First time he give very good service after 2nd time his supper team is very bad and sms will not work after few days after taking money never pick phone call no reply email .
So dear all be do not deal and contact with this type of company.