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Author Topic: Wirus Warning  (Read 3667 times)


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Wirus Warning
« on: November 01, 2015, 05:57:02 AM »
PSG Pay per Call Scam

PSG connects your call center with leads and prospects at the exact moment they are ready to buy — by placing your ad and your phone number at the top of the search results page or ringing your ad infront of millions of consumers. Why is Pay-Per-Calll more effective than other forms of marketing?

Google alone fields more than 30 million click to call phone calls per MONTH
Bing reports 150 million unique mobile searches each month
In Q2 2013, smartphone clicks increased at an astounding rate of 135 percent
You can’t afford to miss out on all those credit card equipped customers who are ready and able to buy – but you will miss out if you rely solely on traditional marketing techniques. Your business needs immediate access to these eager to buy prospects to increase sales by outmaneuvering the competition.

Pay-Per-Call advertising allows you to pay only for highly qualified calls. It’s similar to pay per click advertising, the most popular form of online advertising today, except that you pay for each quality call instead of a click. Pay-Per-Call advertising is the most effective performance based advertising service ever created.

You’re charged only if someone calls your business phone number, not when your ad is displayed or only clicked.

What are the benefits to advertisers to running Pay-Per-Call against any other mode of advertising?

Pay-Per-Call advertising is one of the most cost effective, ROI-focused forms of digital advertising that a company can run. It offers advertisers the benefit of a 100% connection rate with consumers that have already opted-in to receiving your information and/or offer. Inbound callers received via Pay-Per-Call campaigns convert at least twice the rate than leads that are connected via outbound calling. Inbound callers also monetize at a much higher rate than leads that are sold via outbound dialing or any other form of marketing.

No longer does an advertiser have to purchase a lead, route it to a salesperson, have that salesperson call the prospect and hope the consumer is able to talk and still interested in the company’s product or service. Pay-Per-Call campaigns offer advertisers the benefit of immediately reaching a consumer who has taken the time to proactively call into their call center to inquire about and, in many cases, set the in-person appointment and/or make the purchase right then and there.