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Author Topic: Cash Advance USA  (Read 2706 times)


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Cash Advance USA
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:42:55 AM »
I applied at two sites on the internet and within minutes, the calls came flooding in on my phone.  Obviously one or both sites, sold my information to anyone. There were many different so-called businesses that called me to solicit, but one company stood out fro the rest. They say they are from Cash Advance USA, and that they approved a loan for $300 and they deposited it in my account, and claimed that when they went to collect the money from my account, they were refused access. So, they demanded $965 or they would issue a warrant for my arrest for bank fraud. Well, the bank account number they claimed they deposited the money into, was in fact the numbers for my prepaid card, and anyone knows that you cannot just deposit money into a prepaid card account like that. So, instantly, I knew they were a scam. Well, they sent countless emails from several different numbers and names, called my phone demanding money, even called my phone with the 911 emergency number once. (Do not attempt to call that number back, it reverts to the real 911) Anyway, they are very persistent and very bold and rude. You can tell they have built confidence from gaining success from what they are doing and that makes me sick. I just filed a complaint through the FBI, and I hope to god, they have luck in catching these thieves. When they call, they have a very strong middle eastern accent, but names like John, or Jack, or Ben. Very ruthless!