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Author Topic: Payday loans  (Read 5939 times)


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Payday loans
« on: January 13, 2014, 03:24:27 PM »
So many of us need quick money from time to time... payday loan sites offer fast cash which can often help bridge a gap... but just remember they are often very expensive to payback.

Here at scamadviser we see loads of "scam" payday loan sites that simply prey on people desperate to get a quick loan. Just remember  that you should always take your time and "google' the site for reviews and of course check http://scamadviser.com.  Scam loan sites, simply take a fee and never pay you anything.

Just remember that any official loan provider is running as a business and will not be offended if you ask for proof of it being a legitimate business.

If a loan company wants an upfront payment - simply stay away, in many parts of the world this is actually illegal and a clear indication of a scam.

Always do your own research and use known approved lenders.