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Author Topic: https://signalmobileltd.miiduu.com/  (Read 2784 times)


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« on: January 21, 2014, 10:08:43 AM »
I purchase 1 item to this website And I pay them properly. After how many days, they told me that they miss package my item. So instead of 1 item they said it become 5 items, then they ask me to pay another 860$. I dont want to pay them and decided to have a refund but they said that was not possible. After a day someone message me named "jessica" She said that she is the one who did the miss package, she explaining to me that she had a sick grandmother so she need my help through this because she will be fired. I check again there website if it was legally online, according to the company check they are legal. So I told them that the 860$ is very hard for me to pay so they said I may pay 460$ first to receive my package and the rest is after receiving the package. But they still replying that my "package will be delivered soon" again. Afterwards, they want me to pay again the 400$, I'll become angry and telling them that this is not my fault. They still saying to me that I must try even to pay 200$. I replying them that I dont have any here on my pocket.And I told them that I will write to TSI if they didnt put any action about it. Then they reply to me that they will give me a delivery notice by January 20, 2014, Monday(today). and the delivery notice saying that i need them to send  a scan Copy of Shipping certificate by my own. For the first place, they told me that they will send it by Fedex, UPS or DHL and I paid them 230$ (Custom Fee: 60.00usd, Clearance Fee: 60.00usd,Tax Fee: 65usd & Vat Fee: 45.00usd) for the shipments fee. As I know this courier had their own shipment certificates but they insisting that its not the important. they are saying that i need to get a shipping certificate as soon as possible and they offering themselves to get that in 560$ cost.
Im so stupid!
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