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Author Topic: Xian Qo Imp&Exp Co(www.chinaqinou.com) is a scam  (Read 2239 times)


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Xian Qo Imp&Exp Co(www.chinaqinou.com) is a scam
« on: August 09, 2015, 12:57:27 PM »
we had enquiry from a company, Xi An Qo Import Export Company in China, seeking to purchase a large volume of new export pallets. They were after 10,000 pallets per month for 12 months. I quoted on these pallets, with a detailed proposal; they came back and said it was too expensive…… they needed a cheaper solution. I looked at the load rating that they specified and I responded with two other proposals, one for $14.74 and another for $14.21 per pallet. They accepted the offer. This order is worth around $1.7 million over twelve months. the deal was 40% deposit after signing the contract, and the balance letter of credit after delivering to the Port of Melbourne. They were organising their own freight from Australia to China.
On Wednesday the 3rd of June I flew from Hong Kong to Xian via dragon air. I arrived at Xian at 1.45pm. I was greeted at the Airport by Mr Li Fu you and his assistant, who were with the company Xi An Qo Imp and Exp Co ltd. They took me to the Grand Park Hotel, where they had booked me in. we arrived at the hotel at around 3 pm. They booked me in and said that I must rest as we have a lot of work to do tomorrow. I invited them for dinner but they said I should rest. They picked me up at 8.30am on Thursday morning and we went to their office, which was a 30 min drive. Their company car picked me up and Mr Li Fu you and his assistant where in the car, they said they had 4 cars running around the city picking up people. We went to the office and had a meeting in the board room where we negotiated the contract. They contract was revised four times, as we had spelling errors and I did not agree with some terms. They said the government is very strict and everything must be perfect. We discussed the pallet specs, materials and other aspects. This company was very professional, as I bound the contract and the spec into one binder. Once we had all of it done, we went in another office and met the general manager Mr Ron Gou(General Manager). He did not say much, but he stamped the contract and signed the documents. I asked him if I could take a photo, but he refused. Time was running out, but they said they would sent me a proforma invoice for a notarisation fee, as the government takes .5% of the total sale to notarize the contracts, which they explained this was standard practice in this province. They showed me the fees on a website, which they claimed to be the government website. They also said there would be a T/T transfer fee that will need to be paid. They also said, the we would need to pay in a particular persons account, that would avoid any more taxes the government takes…this was a saving for the both of us. They took me back to the airport and said they would send us the invoice and seemed very genuine and happy to do business. I arrived back in Australia on the 6th June 2015, and they sent me two invoices one for Notarization which was for $4253 AUD and on for $2771 for T/T transfer fees. Both of these are paid to the same person. This company said to me last week, that they cannot transfer the funds until one of the CEO of the company visits our site here in Australia. They are saying around the 20th of July he will be here….i have sent emails and they are not responding they have scammed me for around $7,000....don't trust them.  they have professional websites, business cards, office in Xiand, they need to be stopped