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Author Topic: Hazfil, m.hazfil are scams  (Read 2131 times)


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Hazfil, m.hazfil are scams
« on: July 04, 2015, 04:28:40 AM »
hazfil.com. or m.hazfil.com...email address ...@hazfil.com or import@hazfil.com another email address is hengyievw@hengyiev.com.... do not trust, they are scams...also know as Guilin or "Fly to China Scams".. they are very clever, they have websites, with phone numbers, you call them they answer, they have offices in major citys...all lies.  They will give you contracts with great payment terms like 50% on placement of order, and balance 50% before you ship you goods, don't get sucked in....they are very clever.  Please search google for China Business Scams you will be amazed with what is happening out in the real world.  Pay a professional company to do the investigation for you, before you waste you valuable time.  Don't ever pay Notarization Fees, T/T transfer fees, Foreign Exchange Fees.  These are the ways the scam money out of you.  don't pay for expensive dinners, or buy presents......the are people who have no shame in what they are doing.  Unfortunately it was to late when I read the below comments....don't trust no one who offers you a too good to be true contract