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Author Topic: Greenwood Logistics part time job offer money  (Read 2730 times)


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Greenwood Logistics part time job offer money
« on: February 10, 2016, 08:52:02 PM »
I was offered a 20 hours part time job by Greenwood Logistics through an email in Italian (I live in Italy), from this so called Michael Davidson. They were offering a very handsome basic wage plus 3% commission on top depending on the amount of business handled. There was a month's paid trial including training. The problem lay in the fact that they were very anxious to have my bank details to credit my account with, as I found out with a telephone call to their UK number, customers' monies. The lady who answered the phone, Elisabeth Green who spoke fluent Italian, supposedly residing in the UK, could hardly put 2 words of English together and was most adament that the job consisted in receiving money from their customers through my account. When I told her that what they were doing is illegal, she put the phone down. I tried calling again and again she put the phone down without saying hello. I advise anyone not to fall into this trap, since I have read that once you accept the money offered through your account, you are considered by law as guilty as those who insisted on telling you that this was part of the job. A shame I know, since I was looking forward to this part time money maker. Oh well....let's keep on dreamin' . 


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