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Author Topic: DBS SCAM expressdbschecks.co.uk  (Read 4099 times)


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DBS SCAM expressdbschecks.co.uk
« on: May 07, 2015, 12:27:22 AM »
BEWARE! I have uncovered a scam involving a fake construction company -CSCS construction services ltd. www.cscsconstruction.eu , (not to be confused with the real company whose website is www.cs-cs-construction.co.uk) - offering a large number of job vacancies online that do not exist. They will get to the point that you need a fast DBS check and this must be done by expressdbschecks.co.uk - They will tell you payment must be by bank transfer; the point of this is to stop any possible clawback of the cash which can only be done for card payments.
 They have some dodgy looking website with no contact numbers.
 Both companies are run from Holland by the looks of it. Other names to look out for:
Ashcroft Jones Solutions Ltd......AKA Mr Marcus Jones
Building Management Services Ltd
Eco cleaning services Ltd
Anyone claiming to be related to them!
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