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Author Topic: There can be cheaters in any datingsite on the Internet!!!  (Read 3148 times)


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There can be cheaters in any datingsite on the Internet!!!
« on: June 15, 2015, 02:14:01 PM »
There is so many men who is sitting in Internet Cafes all over the world, but especially in Nigeria and Ghana by some reason who are creating profiles at datingsites with photos of very beautiful women. They pretend they are the women in their profiles!!!

 Their intention is to get lots of money from gullible, unsuspecting men!!!! This is terrible and it must be stopped, they are destroying mens economy all over the world in their intention to get money!!!! It is not safe to trust any profile at any datingsite, whatever it is!!!! All profiles can be fake, it is not possible to separate the fake ones from the real ones!!! If they want to chat one have to be very careful especially when they begin talk about they need money for coming to you, goldbars or other things!!! If they are showing themselves on a webcam they can show you a movie instead of showing themselves in reality so one have to tell them to stand up in front of the webcam or wave at you to get a guarantee that they show themselves in reality!!!
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