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Author Topic: Those you are chatting with can be other people then you expect!!!  (Read 2708 times)


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There is many men sitting in Internet Cafes in mostly Nigeria and Ghana but they can sit anywhere in the world pretending they are women when they chat to other men!!!! One can not trust a single person at datingsites when you dont know them a very long time and you dont know if they are safe to chat with or not!!! When one is chatting with them one must be very careful not to expose personal details as they can steal  identitys to make frauds. This men who pretends being women when chatting with other men usually tries to get money from their unsuspecting victims. The reason why they want money is varying. the most common is that they need money for their coming or that they are very poor needing money for their food. They can also say that they have very valuable things like goldtacs and they need money for getting documents regarding their goldtacs before they can come to their victims in other countrys. This documents for goldtacs will usually costs very much, thousands of us-dollars. I BEG ALL PEOPLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD: PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN CHATTING WITH UNKNOWN PEOPLE, THEY CAN CHEAT YOU SERIOUSLY!!!!